OUTEST 50-60Hz AC 12-1000V Non Contact Voltage Tester Pen Circuit Detector Electrical Tool pen type Voltage Detector With Flashlight

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Products Description:
The Voltage Tester is built for non-call detection of typical voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, shops and wires.
It is also superb for non-call detection of minimal voltage in safety, leisure, communications, environmental command, and irrigation methods.
Our significant intensity, brilliant eco-friendly LED implies the tester is operational and aids in illuminating the perform space.
Voltage sensitivity is from 12V to 1000V AC
The sensitivity of AC voltage is adjustable
Sound and light-weight directions
Auto electricity off
Modest and compact pen, design for effortless carrying.
Products Capabilities:
This Voltage Tester Pen correctly detects AC voltage
ranging from 12V to 1000V.
Our Voltage Tester Pen detects voltage in 3 stages: Lower, Moderate and Potent, ranging from twelve volts to one thousand Volts.
It immediately detects and implies minimal voltage (12V to 48V AC) and typical voltage (48V to 1000V AC) permitting broad software.
Rotatable Battery Go over, effortless to repalce the battery.
Automatically distinguish the Zero Line and Fire line.
Sound and LED alarm
Automatic choice of three types of sensitivity.( Large,Medium,minimal)
Products Requirements:
Voltage Sensitivity: 12V to 1000V AC
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Alarm Manner: Sound and light-weight
Flash Mild: White
Auto Ability Off: Indeed
Functioning Temperature: 32 to 122F ( to 50degree)
Storage Temperature: -four to 140F (-twenty to 60degree)
Humidity: less than 85%RH
Battery: two * 1.5V AAA Batteries
Merchandise proportions: 16 * two * 2cm
Merchandise excess weight: 50g
Package size: 16.5 * four * 4cm
Package excess weight: 65g
Package consist of:
1*PM8908C Non-call AC voltage detection pen
1*Consumer Handbook
Useful and hassle-free way to take a look at electrical strains. Accurately detects AC voltage ranging from 12V to 1000V, and distinguish them into three voltage stages.
Utilizing the Stomach muscles and PVC content, the non call Voltage Tester can stand put on and tear, and its pocket clip permits effortless handling. Auto electricity-off function conserves electricity although the LED torch permits procedure even on darkish corners.
Dwell/Null wire distinguish at close array. Auto modify sensitivity will make the take a look at simple. Audible and visual alarm generally guard your protection.The shining prompt of minimal voltage LED can warn you to substitute the battery in time. And meanwhine, the Auto Ability Off function can prolong battery use time.
Guarantee your in general protection. Now, you really don’t have to phone a specialist electrician nor make call with the wire just to know regardless of whether electricity operates through it. This non call ac voltage detector would identify regardless of whether there is some type of electricity managing through the wire without you in fact needing to contact it.
Effortless – Contains minimal voltage indicator. Stomach muscles/PVC design shields your expense, permitting voltage tester to withstand put on and tear.

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