Dr.meter VD-1 Non-Contact Voltage Tester Detector, Multi-sensor Safe Voltage Measuring Tool Electrical Test Pencil Electrometric Detector Sensing Range Ac 90-1000v

Price: $7.99

The Dr. Meter VD-1 voltage detector is a non-contact voltage tester(Test Range: 90-1000VAC) with a built-in torch to indicate the presence of voltage in switches, circuit breakers, cables, light fixtures, outlets and wires etc. Place it closer to objects under test(better within 1cm), it will provide Fast and Accurate Results On Demand!

Don’t use the detector if it is broken or can’t work properly
Don’t use the detector to test objects exceeds voltage detection range
30V(AC) above has potential electiric shock risk.Be sure to take extra care when opearting

– Working voltage: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery
– Working environment: 10 – 50℃, < 95%RH
– Storage temperature: -10 – 50 ℃
– Detection range: 90 – 1000 VAC
– Off quiescent current ≤ 4 uA

Package Contents
1 x AC Voltage Detector
2 x 1.5V AAA battery

Seller Warranty
– 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
– 12 Month Replacement Warranty
– Lifetime Support Guarantee

Detect AC Voltage: Helps to distinguish the neutral wire and live wire of 90-1000VAC power supplier and its power radiation strength
Handy LED flashlight for working in dark environment “Beep” sound, it also gives a warning green light and audible when you test a USB charging socket
Safe and Reliable: A non-contact CAT IV voltage tester with an integrated torch avoids potential shocking experience when testing dark areas or at night.
Auto Power Off: Automatically shut down within 5 minutes if no operation to conserve and extend battery life Electricians, maintenance, service, safety personnel, and homeowners can quickly test for energized
Durable and Convenient: Lightweight, durable construction with convenient pocket clip, a perfect handy tool for electricians or daily use

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