Forehead and Ear Digital Thermometer, Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Meter, Instant Reading, 8 in 1 Multi-Functional, for Body, Surface & Room Measurement, Baby & Home Helper

Price: $79.99 - $13.99

Amazing features
1. Widely applicability
Measuring temperature of ear/forehead/milk bottle/bath water/room/other objects surface.
2. High accuracy
The precision in body mode is ± 0.2℃ (0.4℉); while in object mode is ± 0.5℃ (0.9℉).
3. Quick and fast reading
The temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen within 3 seconds.
4. Sleek design
The modern and compact design makes it comfortably fit in your hand.
5. Intelligent warning
The LCD screen will become orange when temperature exceeds 99.5°F, while become red when temperature arrived 100.5°F.

When taking temperature from different parts of your body, it is normal to obtain a slight variation in the temperature readings. An ear temperature is usually 0.5-1°F (0.3-0.6°C) higher than an oral temperature, whereas the forehead skin temperature is usually 0.5-1°F (0.3-0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature. Therefore, it is NORMAL to get 1-2°F (0.6-1.2°C) difference between an ear and forehead measurement. This is NOT due to the inaccuracy of the thermometer.

The thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive. Any dirt or oil will prevent an accurate measurement. Please regularly clean the sensor with a q-tip cotton (preferably soaked with alcohol).
Besides, make sure the scanning target is not covered by any obstacles (Such as hair or sweat).

All products purchased from Mobile Electronic Mart will enjoy a One Year Warranty.
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FAST AND ACCURATE: Adopt the third generation temperature measurement technology which will be more accurate to measure temperature with the measuring frequency 512 times per second.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Ear/forehead/ object/room temperature measurement; freely C/F changes; fever warning setting; Time setting.
EASY-TO-GO: Remove prove cover to change from Forehead to Ear mode. No more hassles and complicated settings.
THREE COLOR BACK-LIGHT: Red backlight indicates a fever (100.4-109.22℉); Orange backlight indicates a warning (99.5°F-100.4°F); Green indicates normal temperature (89.6°F-99.3°F).
FAMILY MUST HAVES: The thermometer gun is applicable for all-aged person from baby to adult. Extremely convenient to take the temperature of your young children without them even noticing.

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