Gourmia GTH9150 Commercial Grade Contact & Non Contact Thermometer Dual Meat Thermometer With Digital Thermonuclear & Infrared Readings Dust and Splash Proof

Price: $80.99 - $32.99

Enjoy a whole new degree of cooking accuracy!

Never under or over cook an expensive piece of meat again thanks to the Contact & Non Contact Thermometer by Gourmia. This kitchen reader is a therm couple probe and infrared thermometer in one, providing a convenient handheld gadget you can use indoors and out. Whether you need a quick temp on a juicy steak or want to slowly roast some barbecue to perfection, super fast technology helps you achieve your ideal denseness. Simply pierce your meat or poultry for an accurate internal reading, or aim the handy laser for a remote wireless measurement. From the oven to the BBQ pit to the grill, master a precise temp every single time!

    2 Thermometers in 1

    Gourmet cooking requires meticulous temperature tracking to ensure optimal denseness. From thick cuts of beef, pork and lamb to the center of a casserole, you’ll always know that it’s safe and scrumptious to indulge.

    High Temperature Capacity

    Keep track of foods on both ends of the spectrum with a thermocouple (KTC) range of -40°F~482°F and an even higher infrared span of -40°F~716°F. Both read with remarkable accuracy-within 2°F and 4°F, respectively.

    At the Speed of Precise

    When seconds make all the difference in taste, this high-tech touch and nontouch thermometer keeps you on point. Simply hit the button for your preferred reading, prick or point, and see reliable digits in as little as 1 second.

    Easy Digital Interface

    Never miss a reading with a large LCD screen in your choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius. The thermocouple thermometer even displays numbers in color, changing from white to orange to indicate doneness.

    Handy Magnetic Hanging

    This low-maintenance gadget easily wipes clean and fits discreetly in a drawer or cupboard. For a handier storage option, a built-in magnet enables you to hang it on the fridge or any iron surface with just 2 AAA batteries.MULTIFUNCTIONAL FOOD THERMOMETER – Highly Accurate Kitchen Tool Reads the Internal & Surface Temperatures of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken & Other Foods
    THERMOCOUPLE OR INFRARED READING – Use the Probe to Measure the Inside of Meat Within 1% Accuracy; Precision Infrared Laser Reads Food Surface Within 2%
    INSTANT READ CONVENIENCE – Gadget Displays Temperature in 3 Seconds for Probe & 1 Second for IR Sensor; Reads Extra High Temp for Grilling, Baking & More
    LARGE DIGITAL DISPLAY – Simple Two-Button Interface Displays Fahrenheit or Celsius; Colors Change to Indicate Level of Doneness [Rare, Medium, Well Done]
    EFFORTLESS OPERATION – Helpful Cooking Device is Dust & Splash Proof, Features Built-In Magnet & Easily Wipes Clean; Battery Powered [AAA] for Portable Ease

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