Sperry Instruments VD6505 Adjustable Non-Contact Voltage Sensor, 12-1000V AC, 360° Visual Indication, Pocket Clip, Adjustable Sensitivity & More

Price: $15.95 - $12.09

Sperry Instruments, Adjustable Volt Sensor Non-Contact Voltage Sensor, Senses AC Voltage From 12-1000 Vac, No Need To Contact Bare Conductor, Adjustable Sensitivity Can Be Used To Pinpoint Single Wires In A Bundle Or Trace Live Wires Behind Drywall, Compact Size, Soft Grip, Contoured Design, Hi Impact ABS Housing, Hi Vis 360anddegree. Indication, Rotating Sensitivity Dial, Loud Beeping Audible Indication, Operates From Single -InchAAA-Inch Battery, Limited Lifetime Warranty.Sperry Instruments VD6505 Adjustable Volt Sensor
Sperry Instruments, INC.

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