Valuetom Grill Cooking Thermometer Instant Read Laser Infrared Temperature Gun,-32°C-530°C (-26°F-986°F)

Price: $28.00 - $17.99


Please careful NOT to point the laser into eyes!!!


Measurement Range:-32°C-530°C (-26°F-986°F)

Measurement Accuracy:50°C-530°C±1.5%+1°C, 15°C-50°C ±1.5%+2°C, -32°C-15°C±3°C

Repeat Accuracy: ±0.5%-±1°C(2°F)

Display Resolution:0.1°C(0.1°F)

Response Time and wave length: Less than 500ms 8-14um

Emissivity: 0.01-1.00 Adjustable(step0.01)

Measurement of object distance: 12:1

Laser aiming: Less than 1mw 650nm laser level II

Storage of measuring Data: 32 Groups of measuring data storage

°C/°F change: yes

Backlight display: yes

MAX/MIN: yes

Avg/T: yes

Data maintenance demonstration: yes

Low voltage prompt: yes

Auto Power off function: yes

Ultra-battery prompt: Lo or -Lo

Power supply: 9V alkaline battery or nickel-cadmium battery

Working environment temp: 0°C -50°C

Working environment humidity: 10-95% RH no condensation

Storage temp:-20°C -60°C

Product size: 185mm*103mm*45mm

Product net weight: 195gPortable easy use infrared thermometer gun for daily life use, cooking, BBQ, Meat, car, etc., measurement range -32°C-530°C (-26°F-986°F)
Digital and LCD backlight display, you can easily read the figures whenever you use it, day time or night without light
Accurate figures,measurement accuracy 50°C-530°C±1.5%+1°C, 15°C-50°C ±1.5%+2°C, -32°C-15°C±3°C
Safe Non-Contact design, you do not need to very close to object espacially when it is hot goods, Measurement for object distance is 12:1
Energy saving, only one 9V alkaline battery or nickel-cadmium battery

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