Voltage Tester , FeelGlad Non-Contact Live Wire 12-1000V AC with Led Flashlight test AC Volt Current (Blue)

Price: $29.92 - $9.95

Please pay attention:
When you are testing break point, you should find the suitable area, instead of testing directly. Just like you tested a wire, if tested normally, it will give out the alarm even if it didn’t touch the wire. Generally, there is a short distance between tester and wire. That is sensor area where only the tester in it can give out alarm. The sensor area is limited by space. It’s okay as long as you test within this area.
When the instrument didn’t operate and test Ac voltage, it will turn off automatically;
When the battery voltage is below 2.6 V, the power lights will flash three times and give out alarm, automatically turn off after the beep for one time. Please replace the battery in time.
When you test the live wire, you can only hold the white part of product’s front by two fingers.This way can be more accurate,otherwise it will make some loud noise.
General Specifications:
Weight: 45g
Size:15.6*2*2 cm
Texture of Material: ABS + PVC
Power Supply: 2*1.5V AAA batteries ( included)
Authentication: CE CAT.III600V RoHS
Package Contents:
1 x PM8908C Voltage Tester
2 x 1.5V AAA Cell Batteries
1 x Instruction
Trusted FeelGlad Brand
True to its promise, FeelGlad Non-Contact Voltage Detector with LED comes with one-year warranty and a responsive customer care team that is always in standby for any issues about your order.
Visual and audio alarms provided by multi-color LEDs, flashing induced voltage indicator lamp, and beeping alarm if AC voltage is detected. The stronger the induced signal, the higher the audible alarm frequency. Added safety – even in noisy environments – makes it hard to miss presence of voltage.
Both Power & Convenience Light switches illuminate, making user experience simple and efficient. Both are located next to multi-color LED High/Low Indicator and convenient pen clip. Certified CE CAT.III 1000V / CAT.IV 600V.
Using the ABS and PVC material,ac volt detector can stand wear and tear, and its pocket clip allows easy handling. Auto power-off feature conserves energy while the LED torch allows operation even on dark corners.
Now you don’t have to call a professional electrician nor make contact with the wire just to know whether electricity runs through it. This device would determine whether there is some form of electricity running through the wire without you actually needing to touch it.
Includes one-year Warranty and Batteries are already included in the pack!

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