[Dual Laser] AVANTEK Infrared Thermometer with Wide Temperature Range from -58°F to 1562°F, Non-contact Dual Laser Digital Thermometer, Temperature Gun for Cooking Alarm Function

Price: $39.98 - $30.88

Non-contact Dual Laser Technology Assures Your Safety
Applying the dual laser technology, this product easily measures temperature without contacting the surfaces. Therefore, not only is the physical property of the measured item not compromised, but also the potential of injury caused by extreme high or low temperatures can be avoided.

Various Functions Accessed by the Powerful MODE Button
Through operation of MODE button, the emissivity value, maximum reading, minimum reading, average reading, temperature units (°F/°C), the LOCK mode, LOG function, high alarm and low alarm settings of the instrument can be accessed.

Intelligent Temperature Alarm Function
This product features an intelligent temperature alarm function. When readings exceed pre-determined measurement ranges, the thermometer issues an alarm beep and shows blinking icons on the LCD display. Thus, you will instantly know if the temperature of your measured item is out of the preset ranges.

Lock Function for Long Term Temperature Monitoring and Hands Free Use
The meter will automatically shut off after 7 seconds of non-operation to save power. However, you can use LOCK mode to monitor temperature over time without pressing and holding the trigger. This function makes it convenient to use when cooking, checking for a draft, or maintaining a car.

Easy to Use
The compact design and the ergonomic handle make this product easy to store and use on-the-go. It is so simple and convenient to use. Just point, aim, then measure.

Notice: This item is NOT designed for body temperature measurement. For body temperature measurement, please choose AVANTEK Ear Thermometer.

Instant Readout: This thermometer’s response time is less than 500 ms; you can easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius without needing to remeasure; wide ranges of measurement down to -58°F (-50°C) and up to 1562°F (850°C)
Adjustable Emissivity: Emissivity can be adjusted from 0.1 to 1.00; allows to measure the temperature of virtually any surface; ensures a high accuracy with ± 2% or 2°C/°F
Easy-to-read LCD Backlight: Consumes low power and capable to read values even in low light environment or for users of all ages
Powerful MODE Button: Enable LOG function to store measurement up to 20 values; set the LOCK mode, high alarm and low alarm values; accesses the emissivity value, maximum reading, minimum reading, average reading and temperature units (°C/°F)
Wide Range of Application: Ideal for household use or industrial measurements; can be used for cooking, car maintenance, real estate, fire-watch, electrical engineering, and more

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