Infrared Baby Thermometer, Ear or Forehead, Quick & Accurate Temperature for Infants & Toddlers As They Sleep, by Bundle Tumble

Price: $69.99 - $36.50


Every parent or care provider should have a good quality thermometer in their arsenal, and with an amazing set of features Bundle Tumble’s Infrared Thermometer delivers the accuracy and convenience that you and your family deserve!

About This Product:

• FDA Approved Infrared Technology
• Backlit Display For Easy Night Viewing
• Includes Inner Ear Attachment
• Measures Surface Temperatures
• No Body Contact Required
• Accurate Readings In One Second Flat
• Celsius & Fahrenheit Readings

Our state of the art thermometer allows you to take quick, accurate and hygienic readings in a way that’s comfortable for your patient.

Bumble Tumble’s Forehead Thermometer is constructed to measure the temperature of the skin’s surface, minimizing the struggle or stress of temperature taking. The high quality design of this thermometer makes it easy to take an accurate reading in one second flat. This thermometer is FDA approved, and the infrared technology is completely safe for use on infants and children.

No need to wake your patient up by flipping the lights on. The backlit display allows you to clearly and easily take readings and get quick and accurate readings without being disruptive.

For a more customized reading, we have given you a few different options to accommodate your preferences.

The inner ear attachment gives you the option of taking forehead or inner ear readings. This thermometer conveniently lets you choose the temperature scale of your choice. With the switch of a button you can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit.

If you take your health as seriously as we do at Bumble Tumble, this top quality infrared thermometer is just the tool you need. Get yours today!QUICK & ACCURATE READING: Our thermometer uses FDA approved, child safe, clinical quality state of the art infrared technology, to quickly & accurately read temperatures in one second flat.
EASY NIGHT TIME VIEWING: The backlit display allows you to easily take temperature readings of your infant at night and view them without being disruptive. No need to turn on the lights.
CELSIUS OR FAHRENHEIT READINGS: Get more bang for your buck with this thermometer that lets you customize your reading. This thermometer includes Celsius & Fahrenheit settings.
PREVENTS CROSS CONTAMINATION: Oral thermometers can be unhygienic! Simply swipe our thermometer across the forehead for an accurate reading, to prevent cross contamination.
PREVENT CONTAMINATION: With our versatile thermometer you have options. Use the inner ear attachment or swipe thermometer across forehead of baby for a hygienic temperature read.

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