Indoor/Outdoor Body Skin Forehead Digital Non-contact Infrared IR Thermometer Gun For Baby Kids Adult

Price: $19.99 - $17.99

Non-contact Body Infrared Thermometer is specially designed for testing the body temperature of human being. Depending on various skin types and thickness, there may be temperature difference. When the indoor temperature is significant difference, the body infrared thermometer should be placed in that room for 15 to 20 minutes before using.

Measuring Operation:
1. Install 3V battery and turn on the device, screen will be displayed, after two beeps, it will display value of last reading and be ready for measurement.
2. Make sure the thermometer under body mode. Keep the distance at 5cm to 15cm from upper eyebrows to the probe. Press measurement button and when it gives a “beep” measurement is finished and value will be displayed.(For the first use or when inserting new batteries, wait 10 minutes for the warm-up of the apparatus)
3. If the device is not used for a long time once you turn it on again, the device will test the room temperature first and will delay turning on for one two seconds.
4. When the room temperature is significant difference, or there is perspiration on the forehead. You can take the temperature behind the ear lobe.
5. Make sure of there is no hair , perspiration, cosmetic or cap covered on the forehead.

6. If measurement value is exceeding alarm value (Defaulted value is 38?). It gives “beep beep beep” as a indication.
7. Thermometer will display “OFF” and beep and shut off automatically if it is idle in 15 seconds.
8. Backlight LCD Display
9. Memorization of the last 32 measurements

Advice :
Clean the glass with cotton fabric, wet with water or 70℃ alcohol.
Do not expose the thermometer to sunlight or water.

Package Content: 1 x Digital Non-contact IR Thermometer

Precise non-contact measurements
Built-in laser pointer
User selectable ℃ or ℉
Automatic selection range and Display Resolution 0.1℃(0.1℉)
Memorization of the last 32 measurements

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