iSnow-Med Non contact Infrared Pet Thermometer for Cat, Dog, Big ear animal, Measure Veterinary Ear Temperature in 1 s, Pet body Mode / Object Surface Mode (Bath, Milk) available, C/F switchable

Price: $39.56 - $35.60

Turn off the sound before test the pet temperature,if your pet scare the voice.
1. Turn on the pet thermometer
2. Find the Voice button on the right side of this thermometer
3. Press the Voice button to turn on/off

How to Use this thermometer:
1. Turn on this pet thermometer
2. Choose Body Mode
3. Aim the thermometer to your pet ear canal
4. Measure 1-3 times to get the stable temperature

It is not easy to measure animal’s temperature, many pet can not cooperate with you to take a temperature.
Especially pet is ill, we need to know their temperature time to time, to confirm their condition.
Now, with a Non contact infrared, it is easy to measure pet’s ear temperature.
It is an multifunction non contact infrared thermometer, can accurarely measure cats or dogs’ temperature in 1 second, and also measure air or object temperuture like baby milk and bath.
Like humans, dogs can also suffer from fever. In fact, a fever is often considered the first indicator for most diseases affecting dogs.
If the fever is undetected, and left untreated, it can lead to serious health consequences.
Some people have tried to use the human ear thermometers on their dogs, but they will not produce reliable readings, due to the way they are calibrated and the different shapes of the ear canal of a dog.

Celsius-Fahrenheit switchable
LCD monitor
With buzzer alarm
32 reading recalls
Automatic switch-off

Measure model: ear measurement in 1s
Measurement Range:
In body mode:89.6 °F ~ 109.2 °F (32° C ~ 42.9 °C)
In Surface Temp mode:32 °F ~ 140°F (0° C ~ 60°C)
Temperature Scales: F or C
Ambient Temperature: 50 °F ~ 104°F(10°C ~ 40°C)
Battery Type: DC 3V(2 batteries AAA)
Product Dimensions: 145 x 45 x 58mm
Weight: 88g (without battery)
Automatic power-off: 5 secsTurn off the sound before test the pet temperature, if your pet scare the voice.
Aim the thermometer direct to your pet Ear Canal, measure 1-3 times to get the balance results
Special design for dog, cat, horse, rabbit and other big ear animals.
1s to Measure, Soft backlight ,C and F switchable,easy to read.
32 memories recall help you monitor pet body temperature better.

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