Minerva DT8380 Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Kitchen Temperature Gun – 50°C~380°C (-58°F~716°F) With DC 9V Battery and Operation Manual, Yellow and Black

Price: $26.99 - $12.98


-Laser pointer for accurate target aiming
-Backlight selection
-Measurement range: from -50°C~380°C (-58°F~716°F)
-Accuracy: + or – 2°C or + or – 2%
-Resolution: 0.1°C or 0.1°F
-Freely switch °C/°F
-Emissivity: 0.95 (Pre – Set)
-Response Time & Wavelength: ≤ 500ms & (8 – 14)um
-Auto Power Shut-off
-Automatic Data Hold
-Low Battery Indication
-DC 9V battery
-Size (inch): 5.9*1.57*3.35

Benefits of Using Minerva Digital Laser Temperature Gun:

-Compact design and industrial-quality, easy to store and useful for contractors and mechanics,
current temperature display for temperature test.
-Safely measure surface temperatures from a distance while still maintaining laser-sharp accuracy.
-Auto-Off function to extend the battery life, and features a low battery indicator, won¡¯t be
worried about accidentally running out of juice.
-Effortlessly switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
-The results of measurement are locked on the display for data recording convenience.

Quick Start Instruction:

1.Pull battery door clip, install dc 9V battery correctly. Press the trigger, LCD display shows
reading & battery icon.
2.Locating a hot spot, turn on the laser for accurate measuring.


-Temperature readings from this devices are inanimate objects. The measured temperature for humans
or animals will not be correct.
-Do not leave the unit on or near objects of high temperature.
-Do not point laser directly or indirectly at eye.

Minerva digital infrared thermometer gives you the precision to hone in on the exact space you
want to measure!

Non-contact surface temperature measurement for use in monitoring electrical, mechanical, HVAC and automotive systems, handy to use when cooking, barbecuing or doing home repairs.
Measure all the from -50°C~380°C (-58°F~716°F) with an accuracy of + or – 2°C or + or – 2%, you can switch Celsius and Fahrenheit.
The Distance to Spot Ratio is 8:1, accurately measure targets at greater distances.
The LCD screen is backlit, Auto Shut-off & Low Battery Indicator, Red laser pointer for precise aiming, Powered by a DC 9V battery battery (INCLUDE)
CE and RoHS approved, feel safely to measure surface temperatures, we offer a 1-year warranty.

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