O.N. Grill solutions food thermometer. Wireless accurate Digital LCD Screen Long Probe, grill & bbq thermometer. Effortless use, Elegant metallic black,free cooking temperature reference chart.

Price: $11.95

Get ready to be a pro. No more burning your steaks while you barbecue.

– Accurate Digital LCD Screen grill & bbq thermometer, with long probe for your safety. Effortless use and is easy to manage with one hand.

Durable product with instant temperature read.

-Buy it now and get free BBQ temperature reference chart.

-Money back guaranty

Start grilling as a real pro!

•FAST& ACCURATE THERMOMETER with 4-7 second readout, ºF/ºC button, auto shut off and HOLD feature. These kitchen gadgets are perfect for both professional and home chefs. accurate to ±1ºF (between -4ºF to 392ºF), ensures you can grill steaks to your perfect doneness knowing it won’t be under cooked or burnt. You won’t get this level of accuracy with infrared laser gun thermometers.
•EASY TO USE effortless product, easy to manage with large convenient buttons. LCD clear display, with large numbers for easy reading. You can easily wash the probe after use.
•HUGE TEMPERATURE RANGE of -58ºF to 572ºF makes these gadgets the best for use when grilling or frying your meal, making an ice-cream, and even brewing beer or making wine at home.
•PERFECT DESIGN high quality ergonomics, the curvy shape of the thermometer fits perfectly to your palm and the buttons are located in a reachable spot, so you can easily manage the device with one hand.
•FREE FOOD TEMPERATURE CHART handy mini chart printed onto the casing so you can quickly check the ideal temperature for your steak, grilled chicken, pork or fish. let this product be your best sous chef by using this chart. go pro, impress your guests and make your kitchen great again.

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