TempoScan® Non-contact High Accuracy Infrared Thermometer for Body and Surface

Price: $59.99 - $34.99

Product Overview:
Finally! Take your baby’s temperature without waking them up.
No more worrying if your child’s bath or bottle is too hot.
You can also use it for yourself for a quick and accurate temperature reading.

Infrared Technology:
The Orksun Temposcan® Thermometer features infrared technology, which allows for temperature readings to be taken without contact. Hold the device approximately 1″ from the person or object and simply point towards the reading target. Press the scan button and viola! you have an accurate reading in seconds. The thermometer captures the infrared energy that the person or object radiates. In seconds, 512 readings are taken and converted into a single temperature displayed on the screen. This offers fast, hygienic results with thorough accuracy.

-The thermometer has a big back-lit LCD screen for quick easy readings. Additionally a small happy face pops up for a good reading, and a sad face if the reading is too high.
-You can store up to 10 measurements on the device and recall them easily with the press of a button.
-Easily switch between measuring a person or object. Use for measuring baths. bottles for your baby, or almost any other item.

Important Note:
Out of the box the device might give readings in Celsius. To switch press and hold both the “Mode” and “Memory” buttons for approximately 3 seconds. Once the thermometer beeps, the unit is ready for measurement.

Package Contents:
1 Thermometer, A textured pouch for safe and clean storage, Manual, 2 AAA Batteries.

Best Warranty Ever!
1 Year manufacturer guarantee. Efficient and always satisfied customer service 7 days x 24 hours available.

• FDA • RoHs • FC • FCCTake your babies temperature without touching them, uses harmless and safe infrared technology designed by the french.
Backlit Digital Display Screen and auto power off after 60 seconds | Reliable and Stable Temperature Measurement in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Non-Contact! Point the device 1 inch away from body for and still get accurate results | Will not upset or wake up your baby during readings
Use it for surface as well as body, Get accurate readings for baths, bottles, etc.
Memorizes Last 10 readings taken, after 10 reading the oldest reading will automatically be deleted

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