Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat & Habitat Lighting Temp. Controller,1000W

Price: $44.74 - $18.95

Proper terrarium temperature is recommended for a reptile or amphibian’s healthy, active life. Add a Temperature Controller to maintain a pet’s terrarium at any preset temperature between 60° and 105°F. Simply place the temperature probe in a terrarium using the included suction cup, then connect any type of incandescent heat source (heating device is not included). An added safety feature automatically shuts off the heating system if terrarium temperature exceeds 110°F due to heater malfunction or excessive sunlight. Choose from two types: a 500 watt system with a single input or a three-outlet device that can manage 1000 watts of heating power.Controller that maintains your terrarium temperature between 60˚ and 105˚
Simply place temperature probe inside terrarium and plug in up to three heat sources, 1000 watts maximum
Temperature Controller will automatically turn on and off until desired temperature is achieved
Safety shut-off is incorporated to protect against overheating
Best for use with Zilla heat lamps, domes, emitters and pads; not meant for use with heat rocks

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