CEM DT-9862S Professional Infrared Video Thermometer with Dual Laser, 640×480 Camera piexls, 50:1, 50ºC to 2200ºC(-58ºF to 3992ºF), Type K Probe, Adjustable Emmissivity

Price: $459.00

These products are with international patents and a good hand for industrial measurements and data analyzing. The user can be back in the office to analyze the measured Infrared temperature readings under the support of software, this product is a safe and reliable non-contact temperature measurement tool in the fields of power, chemical industry, smelting, national defense, etc.
9862S Professional Infrared Video Thermometers with 2.2” color TFT LCD display & a microSD memory card for capturing Circular images(JPEG) or video(3GP) for viewing on your PC, providing fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements. The measurement of dewpoint will be very visible for wet and dry proof.
This product has a wide measurement range of -50 to 2200 ° C(-58°F to 3992°F), supports a measurement distance ratio of 50: 1, dual laser indication can easily aim at the target and measure the temperature more accurately. The USB computer connection interface can transfer data quickly and easily To a computer for better and timely monitoring of temperature changes.
The IR video thermometer is capable of non-contact infrared temperature measurements with a visual camera at the touch of a button, The built-in laser pointer increases target accuracy while the backlight LCD and handy push-buttons combine for convenient ergonomic operation, The IR video thermometer can be used to measure the surface temperature of the objects that is improper to be measured by a traditional thermometer.
The camera pixels are 640×480. Response time:150mS,temperature range: -58 to 3992℉(-50 to 2200℃),type-k temperature range: -58 to 2498℉(-50 to 1370℃).

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