Face Recognition Infrared Thermometer Temperature Measurement System, Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Fit Entrance and Exit of Office,Industry and Station

Price: $2,354.90

Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, brush human face and perform high-precision infrared human temperature acquisition at the same time, fast and high effect ,recognition time 500ms.
Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃), 8-inch IPS HD display, High-precision infrared human temperature acquisition.
Quick identification, recognizable by wearing a mask, passing the test within 1-2 seconds, can set the recognition function of wearing a mask independently
Applicable scenarios: Widely suitable for various places with a large number of people, suitable for schools, residential areas, supermarkets, factories and other places
After-sales service: If you have any questions during the purchase, please contact us in time, we will serve you as soon as possible!

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