Xenon Fever Defense – Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Access Control System – Plug & Play Face Recognition Camera & Temperature Scanner – Infrared Camera & Body Temperature Thermometer Entry System

Price: $2,250.00

ZERO CONTACT TEMPERATURE SCANNER: The Xenon Fever Defense non contact infrared thermometer is a zero contact access control system. Reopen your business safely with no-touch entry to buildings.
FAST & ACCURATE FEVER DETECTION: This body temperature scanner uses AI and an infrared camera to detect temperatures – even with face covering – in less than a second to prevent congestion.
REAL TIME WARNING: The non contact thermometer scanner has a clear LCD screen with a simple red or green light stop-go system. An audio message and warning alarm alert staff to fever detection.
PLUG & PLAY: The standalone temperature scanner system requires no internet access for plug and play functionality, and can be working within 15 minutes – no expertise required.
CLOUD BASED RECORDS: The temperature control system’s cloud based software allows you to centrally manage records from multiple devices. Data is easy to export – ideal for contact tracing.

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