HGCY Body Infrared Thermometer Face Recognition All-in-One Temperature Measuring Machine Non-Contact System Measurement Entrance Fit for Office Building, Mall, Supermarket, Station, with Stand

Price: $1,479.90

Monocular Capability detection, 0.3-1m Face recognition Distance (0.5m is best), False proof Photos / Video. Fast facial recognition Speed: 300ms. Compatible with the Face Comparison 50000 database. Recognition accuracy The rate is 99%.
Abnormal alarm temperature: When the camera detects a Fevered person with high temperature data (you can set a critical value), the camera will collect an image and indicate an abnormal temperature on the screen and issue a voice alarm Transmission.
Database Front view: You can add / delete / modify / Import / Export Faces software. Face information includes: Face / Id / Name / Sex / Age / White List or Blacklist / Phone Number / Card Number / Expiration Date.
Temperature measurement Range: 30-45 (℃), accuracy can reach ± ​​0.3 ℃. Real-time output of authentication results (pass or fail) and voice transmission (voice in multiple languages).
Facial recognition: Automatic Identification of people who do not wear masks and real-time alert. High precision infrared temperature Collector, Automatic temperature detection Contactless, precise and efficient.

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