XHC Infrared Thermometer, IR Laser Thermometer,Non-Contact Digital Food Temperature Gun with LCD Display,-50℃-380℃[-58℉-716℉],Adjustable Emissivity, [AAA Battery Not Included]

Price: $121.55

ACCURATE AND RELIABLE RESULT: Accurately and quickly measures surface temperatures. The accuracy is within 1.5℃. when in the extreme situation[-50℃-0℃], it is 3℃, meet most of your daily use.
INSTANT-READ: The response time of infrared thermometer is less than 0.5 seconds which means you get the temperature figure almost at the same time when you pull the trigger.
EASY AND SIMPLE TO HANDLE: When designed this infrared thermometer, delete complex operation to meet daily use. Just aim at the target surface and pull the trigger and you will get the accurate temperature of the target object. THAT IS IT!
NON-CANTACT ENSURE PERSONAL SAFETY: Non-cantact Laser infrared technology and emissivity can give a you a instant temperature read of extreme hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects and keep you from possible harm.
VARIOUS USAGES: Cooking, Baking, BBQ, vehicle repairing, home maintenance, measuring temperature of household appliances, adapter etc.

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