HGCY Non-Contact Infrared Measurement System All-in-One Body Infrared Thermometer Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Machine for Entrance and Exit of Office Building, Mall, Supermarket

Price: $1,449.90

Face temperature measurement machine: automatic face tracking / high temperature alarm, waterproof and dustproof, stable and reliable, supporting 30,000 face comparison libraries and 100,000 face recognition records.
Automatic face recognition temperature measurement: support automatic face recognition temperature measurement function. 1: 1 comparison and recognition are over 99.7%, 1: N comparison and recognition rate are over 96.7%. The accuracy of live detection is 98.3%, and the speed of face recognition is less than a second.
Free setting, flexible use of various scenarios: The normal body temperature range can be set to 35.5-37.5°C by default. The processing action for those who find abnormal body temperature can be set.
Comparison of witness cards: applicable to major stations, examination rooms, driving schools and other places. The pass requirements need to satisfy that the holder and the document are the same person, and the pass can only be made after the comparison is successful. You can also set up a blacklist, whitelist, or just swipe your face or ID card.
Face attendance: applicable to attendance of various companies, units and other places. Free distribution of attendance software, the software can meet all kinds of attendance needs, and can also dock all kinds of door locks. It has the advantages of fast recognition speed, anti-theft brush, replacement of punching cards and so on.

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