Infrared Thermometer Dual Laser Thermometer -58° to 2732°F(-50~1500℃) Pyrometer D:S=30:1 High Temp Thermometer, IR Thermometer Gun with Backlit & Flashlight【Not for Human】

Price: $114.99

➤【High Temp Thermometer】 Bigger and clearer screen which gives you a better and easier view for outdoor and indoor temperature readings, Wherever you are, showing all you need to know on that bright bright screen.【Not For Human】
➤【Dual Laser Points and High Pecision】High temp gun come with dual laser points,respond time 0.25s,with a high precision accuracy of ±2% of the temp, giving your more accurate value to measure the object’s surface,such as Kiln,Forge,and Smelting.【Not for Human】
➤【D:S=30:1】High Temp Thermometer Pyrometer with the distance spot ratio 30:1,and come with the dual laser points,you can keep a long distance to measure the hot or heat place,Let your keep away from any dangerous environment.【Not for Human】
➤【Industry Thermometer NOT FOR HUMAN】 A larger temp range -50℃~1500℃(-58℉~2732℉) which allowed you to measure the surface temperature of the machine in the factory.It can be widely used in industrial production, such as Casting Grill Kiln Forge and so on.【Not for Human】
➤【Multifunctional Pyrometer】 You can press”MODE”button to choose MAX / AVG / MIN / DIF/ LAL / HAL functions,Long Press the button, enter setting emissivity and setting alarm temperature.which can let you measure the temp more accurate and keep you remind of the dangerous temp.【Not for Human】

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