JZH-Light Automatic Human Body Infrared Thermometer Measuring Face Recognition Terminal Temperature Measurement System High Fever Alarm Security System

Price: $1,635.99

Face Recognition: Self-owned Facial Recognition Algorithm Non-Contact Body Recognition, Farcical Recognition W/o Physical Contact, With A Recognition Speed Of Less Than 200ms.
Infrared Thermal Imaging: The Body Temperature Can Be Accurately Measured Within 0.5m, The Temperature Measurement Accuracy Is As High As ± 0.2 ℃, The Body Temperature Abnormal Equipment Automatically Alarms. Voice Prompt: ( Support Multiple Languages, Simple Setting).
Dual Camera Design: Using Binocular Wide Dynamic Camera, Night Infrared And LED Dual Photo Flood Lamp, To Minimize The Impact Of The Contrast Of The Face Angle, Light, Expression And Other Negative Factors On The Results.
Real Time Monitoring: Statistics Function. You Can Add / Remove / Modify / Import / Export Faces Of The Software. The Face Information Includes: Face / ID / Name / Gender / Age / Whitelist Or Blacklist / Phone Number / Card Number / Expiration Date.
Occasion: Suitable For Communities, Schools High-speed Rail Stations, Airports, Hotel, Government, Offices, Research, Institutes, Etc.

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