DXFK.AM IR Infrared Dynamic Face Recognition Temperature Measurement System Non-Contact Body Thermometer Thermal Camera Temperature Warning,Upright

Price: $1,575.78

Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, brush human face and perform high-precision infrared human temperature acquisition at the same time, fast and high effect, recognition time < 500ms
Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃), 7-inch LCD HD display Support mid-range temperature measurement and real-time warning of high Temperature, Support binocular live detection
Support 10000 face comparison library and face recognition records. Support electronic voice broadcast (normal human body temperature or super high alarm, face recognition verification results)
Ultrasonic real-time dynamic distance sensor to ensure the most effective temperature capture distance; support storage of more than 10,000 faces, support dynamic detection, recognition speed is 0.4s

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