TZH Wall Mount Infrared Forehead Thermometer, Fever Alarm Temperature Measuring Instrument, Contactless Temperature Gun for Company/School

Price: $112.99

✔ Mercury thermometers are not as hygienic and take too long to get accurate results. for fast readouts in a high-traffic situation, infrared wall thermometers provide the safest path to knowing ones health
✔ The temperature measuring probe adopts sensitive sensor to collect hundreds of groups of data per second, and the measurement is accurate to 0.1°C, 10-80cm measuring distance
✔ LCD large screen, according to the measurement temperature, automatically change the screen color, at a glance, voice broadcast system, automatic broadcast measurement temperature
✔ Wall mount, floor tripod, suction cup bracket, selfie stick and other installation methods can be used. should be placed away from the sun and wind, sun exposure will make the results inaccurate
✔ Wall-mounted infrared thermometer can be used in various occasions. such as office, school, subway, family, super mall, shop, community, factory, shop, restaurant, station entrance etc

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