Fluke T5-H5-1AC Kit 3-Pc 1000V Electrical Tester, Custom Holster and AC Voltage Detector Kit

Price: $214.99 - $178.28

Three piece kit with a voltage, continuity, and current tester (fluke t5 1000); A non contact voltage detector (fluke 1AC II) and a holster
T5 1000 tester measures VAC and VDC with precise digital resolution
Range for T5 1000 tester is 1000 V RMS, with resistance displayed to 1000 and #937
1AC II non-contact detector detects 90 to 1,000 VAC
T5 1000 tester has a safety rating of 1000V Category III, 600V Category IV rated; The Fluke 1AC II detector has a safety rating of 1000V Category IV

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