Walfront ETCR‑1820B High Voltage Electroscope High Voltage Tester Non‑Contact Electrical Testers Detector, 110V‑275KV

Price: $190.09

✔【FOR HIGH VOLTAGE】– Portable high‑voltage electroscope, suitable for high‑voltage transmission lines electricity testing
✔【POWER MAINTENANCE】– It is an important tool for railway and power system line maintenance and detection of residual or induced voltage
✔【NON CONTACT OPERATE】– No need to touch the electrified body, simple operation, safe and reliable, suitable for electric inspection personnel
✔【EASY TO IDENTIFY】– High‑voltage electroscope is equipped with a red LED and buzzer, which can emit sound and light alarms and is easy to identify
✔【ELECTRIC INSPECTION】– Used for on-site high-voltage inspection, identifying the voltage level of high-voltage system, inspecting high-voltage line faults, repairing neon lamp induced voltage, etc.

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