8In Face Recognition Non-Contact Thermometer Infrared Body Temperature Scanner Measurement High Fever Alarm Security System Used in Commercial Schools and Entertainment Venues

Price: $1,472.32

Accurate temperature measurement and abnormal alarm: Imported high-precision long-distance sensor is used to measure body temperature while face recognition, abnormal temperature check, equipment detection exceeds the set warning threshold, and capture photos And can record the passing time and attendance check-in personnel, upload to the management platform.
2 million high-definition camera: 2 million high-definition wide-angle wide-dynamic camera, facial recognition distance 0.3m-1m, display face frame, real-time monitoring of the largest face
30000+ face data capacity: the accuracy rate is more than 99.7%. It is suitable for the attendance of major stations, examination rooms, driving schools and other places; various companies, units and other places.
Face recognition mask detection: Wear a mask to use face recognition access control normally, and find that people without masks immediately take a picture and voice alarm.
Multiple data protection is not lost: support Ethernet, WIFI and 4G full Netcom, a variety of network support, can be selected according to the site conditions.

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