Believe Digital GM320 Laser Infrared Thermometer -50℃ ~ 380℃ Measuring Gun LCD Industrial Pyrometer Temperature Meter No Contact Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Price: $95.29

1. Manufacturing process: Fully automatic placement, automatic soldering, semi-automatic assembly, higher efficiency and more guaranteed quality. Wiring and layout are striving for perfection, and the manipulator replaces the manual manufacturing, and the technological level is leading domestically.
2. Fast and efficient temperature measurement: It only takes 1 second to obtain the surface temperature of the measured object, and the operation is simple and convenient. Traditional thermometers or thermometers need a few seconds or even tens of seconds to measure the reaction time.
3. No contact: accurate, fast, safe and reliable infrared temperature measurement. Hot water pipes, heating engine parts, food cooking surfaces, heat pipes, electrical equipment, motors/bearings, wine cellars, swimming pools, air conditioners, refrigeration and other temperature measurements.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The product only needs 2 batteries of No. 7 for power supply, and 2 batteries can be used for 2-4 weeks. If the optional charging set can be recharged and used. In addition, there are no other consumables, energy saving and environmental protection, saving money and effort.
5. Unit conversion / high-definition backlight: The product comes with high-definition white backlight, which can be used normally at night. The product supports the conversion of two units of Celsius C and Fahrenheit F, which is commonly used at home and abroad.

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