Cacoffay Digital Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Laser IR Temperature LCD Display Gun Pyrometer Tester Aquarium Temperature Instruments

Price: ☆ COLOR SCREEN:Infrared thermometer with backlit digital color LCD display for easy reading at night.☆ SAFELY MEASURE HIGH TEMPERATURES: Do not touch the surface temperature of dangerous or hard-to-reach objects.☆ SWITCHABLE TEMPERATURE UNITS:Infrared thermometers are divided into Celsius (° C) and Fahrenheit (° F).☆ IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is not suitable for measuring body surface, forehead, and baby temperature!☆ INFRARED THERMOMETER IS USED TO MEASURE: The surface temperature of objects: hot water pipes, engine hot parts, cooking surfaces, heat pipes and insulation, electrical connections, ballasts in electric lamps, etc.

Yadianna Non-Contact Voltage Tester Electric AC Voltage Detector 12V-1000V Auto/Manual Mode AVD06 (Color : Gray)

Price: 【Auto/Manual Mode】: The voltage tester can detect and indicate AC voltage automatically (48V-1000V) in Auto mode; or more accurate to detect and indicate AC voltage strength in manual mode (12V-1000V).【Smart Voltage Strength Detection】: The tester green LED lamp will light up automatically to indicate low voltage existence; the yellow to indicate moderate voltage; the red to indicate high voltage.【Live-Wire Test】: Distinguish the live and null wire through different frequency alarm sound and led indicator; The frequency higher is live-wire, and the other is null-line.【Adjustable Sensitivity】: In manual mode only,…

Infrared Thermometer Face Recognition Infrared Non-Contact Temperature Measurement System Fit Entrance and Exit for Entrance and Exit of Office,Industry and Station

Price: FACE RECOGNITION:record working attendance fast In the current situation,know the real body temperature of employees and visitors in time, and record working attendance successfully without touch each otherBINOCULAR LIVE DETECTION CAMERA: Face recognition Infrared live detection, High performance and low energy consumption CPU+massive memory,optional to increase capacity Face recognition algorithm to create fast and accurate temperature measurement,attendance and access controlLARGE CAPACITY:great performance,20,000 face data storage capacity Up to 30,000 faces input, data can be storage in the cloud,or storage in LAN, or in single computer,large storage capacity, database can…

DONGBALA Thermometers for Kids and Adult, Ear and Forehead Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer 1 Second Measure with Fever Alarm for Baby Toddlers Fever

Price: Professional and Humanized Design,Precise non-contact measurements,Easy to use.With the LCD display and silent mode setting, you can get the measurements within 1s by one-key service easily in the dark without disturbing your baby’s sleep.Fever Alarm, ˚C / ˚F adjustable, Backlight LCD Display, Color LCD backlight, Auto shut-down and power-saving.Automatic Data Hold & Auto Power off,Memorization of the last 32 measurementsIt is recommended by doctors and pediatricians. Hygienic and Non-toxic, it’s more safer than traditional mercury thermometer.

WiFi Temperature Scanner Face Recognition Measurement System, Infrared Body Temperature Thermal Scanner, Access Control Attendance Kiosk with Touch Screen, Web Surfing, Bluetooth (Stand Included)

Price: 8 INCH TOUCH SCREEN WITH FAST DETECTION – Wireless non-contact automatic body temperature detection, scanning human face and performing high-precision infrared human temperature acquisition at the same time, fast and high effect, recognition time

TZH Infrared Thermometer for Company, Voice Broadcast Wall Mount Temperature Scanner, Non-Contact Forehead Temperature Gun with Fever Alarm

Price: ✔ Digital display high precision intelligent thermometer, respond quickly, can reduce queue time. avoid cross-infection during testing, non-contact, quick & easy✔ Large backlight screen 4.5 inches, 10cm measuring distance. high temperature automatic alarm, low temperature prompt, the tolerance of body temperature is ± 0.1✔ Intelligent high-coreaccurate identification new generation chip, built in 2000 mA polymer battery, 30 hours long endurance. compact body, noinstallation, no wiring✔ According to different application scenarios and requirements, different installation methods can be adopted, wall hanging, floor tripod, suction cup support, selfie stick etc✔ Multi-scenario…

WFGZQ 8 Inches Smart Face Recognition Infrared Thermometer, Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Fit for Office Building, Supermarket, Station, School

Price: ★ Infrared Thermal Imaging Body Temperature Detection: The Body Temperature Can Be Accurately Measured Within 0.5 Meters, The Temperature Measurement Accuracy Is As High As ± 0.2 ℃, The Body Temperature Abnormal Equipment Automatically Alarms.★ Face Recognition: All-in-one Temperature Measuring Machine Supports Binocular Live Detection, Recognition In Seconds, Anti-glare Backlight. Voice Prompt: (voice In Multiple Languages).★ High-definition infrared dual camera: With high-resolution infrared and color dual-lens camera, it can accurately recognize and verify the face, and the short hair on the forehead and the slight facial expression have no…

ZYC HK3/K3 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Digital Pro Forehead Hand Temperature Sensor Laser Gun with Fever Alarm Wall Mounted,B

Price: Infrared thermometer, non-contacting, digital display, no need to hold hands to avoid cross infection.Digital measuring_thermometer detection fever alarm.There is a warning when the detection fails or abnormal temperature.Abnormal automatic alarm, flash + beep.High-definition display, 5 meters viewing distance.Non-working time 5s standby, red dot dynamic cycle, standby time about one week. 5cm-10cm (automatic measurement)Wall-mounted infrared thermometer can be applied in different occasions, such as office, subway, shopping mall, community, etc public area thermometer .

LRZ 8-Inch Face Recognition Non-Contact IR Thermometer Temperature Measurement System Fit for Entrance and Exit of Office, Industry and Station

Price: Face Recognition:Complete personnel identification quickly and temperature measuring Even though wears ma-sk.reduce the epidemic’s transmission route.Non-contact measurement:Non-contact measurement ensures the safety of front-line personnel and greatly reduces the risk of infection.Abnormal Temperature Waring:Temperature range from -10°C to 150°C.When measures abnormal temperature, it will warn.Warning temperature value can be customized.Accurate Measurement:Infrared temperature measurement,highly efficient temperature measurement.Temperature Accuracy:±0.25°C.Easy stall:this Face recognition non-contact thermometer is easy to install and deploy,widely used in commercial centers, industrial parks, transportation hubs, public and other crowded place.